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The Truth About Psoriasis:

Skin is only part of the story...

Psoriasis is a chronic immune disorder, which is more commonly thought of as simply an unpleasant skin condition. In addition, to the itchy, flaky discomfort of this skin condition the disease can have an enormous impact on the lives of those living with the disease. Having psoriasis may affect people’s choices of career, their relationships and emotional wellbeing. Overtime, this impact can manifest by having a cumulative impact on someone’s life.

The Psoriasis Uncovered surveys were conducted to investigate how psoriasis impacts the personal and professional lives of people living with the condition.

The latest 2011 survey results are now available. Click here to find out how psoriasis affects the lives of patients.

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The good news is that new research is leading to a better understanding of psoriasis, and treatment options are now available that can improve the signs and symptoms.

This website provides some facts about psoriasis and useful links such as for Under the Spotlight is a series of unique documented stories told by those living with the disease. Under the Spotlight highlights the impact psoriasis can have on a person’s life over time, first hand.

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